SMUN 2 Denpasar, Bali - Indonesia

"Love peace" by students from SMUN 2
Год создания: 2000

You heard shot and explosion
hat does that mean? war....war.....
Where can you find freedom and peace?
If around you, you find war...war....just war
Now afraid, afraid and afraid...your feel
What can you do?
You just can not cry, cry....and cry

I just need space to protect my self from thinking
Do they know your feelings?
Do they feel like you, you and you
Who want to answer this question?
They just know kill..kill..and kill again...

If you open your eyes
Do you know who you kill?
You kill your friends, your brothers,
your sisters, your parents and all of your life

You don't know what love is?
What does love mean?
Please think again
Until you know what love is
If you know what love is
You can find freedom and peace!!!!!
"You must know it's so wonderful"