Liceo Patria Quinta Brigada Bucaramanga, Colombia

Год создания: 2000

The time

that it is the time I wonder,
that it is in fact the time
the answer this is seconds,
in minutes or in hours.
the truth is that the time passes
and the prints left
understanding on that it is based
to form one tomorrow,
in which all ignore
what is worth the time truly
and that with him everything is formed
or it will also be destroyed,
it is necessary to give time at the time,
to understand it better
for that he is, as the wind
that it happens soft and speedy
that he/she comes off in seconds
and their end is the eternity
him hence leaves of the world
of people and the life
the human being life
that it culminates in any road
of her the time has formed
end of the principle, end of the destination.

Author: Slb. Medina Ceballos Eder E.