Institute Le Caousou, Toulouse, France

Poem made by students.
Год создания: 1995



I hope for a better world
Where all the poeple could live in a perfect harmony
Why don't we live like that you and me?
I hope there would be no fear
Because too many people in Bosnia have tears

Why must we gon on hating?
Why can't we live in bliss?
But we all know it's better
Yesterday has past
Now, let's all start living
For the one that's going to last

Don't you feel the day is coming?
and it won't be too soon
When the poeple of the world
Can all live in one room

Hope that all children see the answers
When the clouds have all gone
There will be no more rain
We would break down the walls of silence
Lift the shadows from our mind
Place назад the missing mirror
That before our parents couldn't find

Gaelle Beziers La Fosse
Marie-Laure Boivert
Arnaud Brachet
Alain Carrere