Institute La Caousou, Toulouse, France

Poem by unknown student
Год создания: 1995

Let it be true,
I do not want to think about the pas, anymore,
What the poeple did, how much poeple suffered,

Let it be true,
I want children to run freely in their land
I want to listen to their laughter and peace songs

Let it be true
I want them to play without being afraid of being killed at any time,
I want them to grow up in happiness of a family.

Let it be true,
No more bombs, no more fightings, no more orphans
Why don't poeple fights for peace instead of fighting for their own interests

Let it be true,
Let them be free, let them be happy, let them injoy life,
Give them the opportunity to be all equal

Let it be true,
Join the UNO and make it true.