Ashanti Goldfields High School, Ghana

Poem "Love for power" and "The world of today"
Год создания: 2000

Love for power

Once I heard the dying groans of the people
It shakes me with sorrow to see
Young men and women
Wailing and dying from the wars of power and leadership
Weeping for their suffering misfortune
Sometimes I find myself weeping
To see people dead from the wars of power, because men in power
Abuse their fellowmen and because leaders want to maintain their leadership, the innocent have to sacrifice their lives.
Because the power drunk have not given up their power
Many will begin to fall, the guns will continue
To kill and the wars will continue to wage all because of power.
For the love of power is greater than the love for peace.
So when will the fighting stop
When will the fire cease
When will weapons be laid down?
And leaders begin to search for peace,
For tolerance and respect human rights.
For how many more must die, when there could be peace.
Oh! What a love for power when men can love peace.

Oswald Quaicoo (15 years)

The world of today

When will tolerance and peace come into our system
The world of today is full of miseries, wars and rumors of wars
Men clothed in little power suppress their fellow men
Some smile whilst other weep
Sorrow and uncertainties are all over the place
Pride, arrogance, sycophancy, назадbiting and selfishness have taken over the world Misunderstandings here and there
Countries, arming themselves to the teeth
When will tolerance and peace come into our system?
Are we going to live in this mess till we join the heavenly choir?
Certainly not!
Leaders of Africa and the entire world: be selfless
Your respect for your people has now turn to respect for money
We surely look forward to a day when men will really
Live like brothers, loving one another and living In peace and happiness
After all, one blood, one world, one supreme being, God almighty
With tolerance, peace and happiness as our goal
The world would be a successful and peaceful one.

Kwame Anokye