Ashanti Goldfields High School, Ghana

Poem "Tolerance" and "My humble prayer"
Год создания: 2000


Oh, oh, oh, our world
A world of conflicts
A world of despair
A world of misunderstanding
A diabolical world
Why all these?
There have been wars
And rumours of wars
Some, due to individual political powers
And others, colour differences
Being white, yellow and black
Does not give the licence to destroy the other colour.
Countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leone etc. Are suffering because of wars
Some countries are arming themselves to the teeth
Killing people like cocroaches
Innocent people are losing their lives
Because of wars
All these can be solved
By tolerating with each other
Yes tolerance, tolerance, tolerance
How can we tolerate?
Come together, understand each other
And let peaceful atmosphere prevail
Civilization which started from Africa, Egypt
Has now been dumped in the waste bin
Leaders of this world
Be selfless and modest
Let tolerance and peace rule
Help make the world a happy one
A world of felicity
A world of hope
And let peace endure forever
Leaders of this world
Create a good and perfect path
For we the future leaders to follow
Since a thousand mile journey
Starts with one step,
With tolerance and peace as our aim
The world would be a successful one.

Leticia Asumeng (14 years)

My humble prayer

I go to bed every night praying.
Praying and praying hard that one day the whole world wake up to find peace. Surrounding the whole world. When shall this be ?
Let us swim from the pool of hardship.
Conflicts, sorrow, wars and hatered
into the pool of love, peace, selflessness and happiness.
There is no continent which has peace in it.
People are suffering for things they now nothing about today it is.
Whites against Blacks and tomorrow it is Blacks against Whites.
All these things are so because of bad leadership.
Making people suffer for what their parents or ancestors have done
is not the key to a better world.
Do not retaliate to what is done to you.
For a better world, tolerance is the key.
We can not continue like this and expect to have a better place for children.
Together we can overcome the problem of hardship in our world.
Be tolerant and presumption that the world will change to the better is high.
Inspite of religious назадground and culture
let us come together to help preserve the little left for future leaders.

Emmanuel Adu - Boakye (14 years)