Ashanti Goldfields High School, Гана

"На сколько вы толерантны?"
Год создания: 2001


How tolerance are you?
If you are a government in power
And you try to 'silence opposition parties
Why don't you give them freedom of speech
To express themselves on what is going
On in your country?
Is it because you are afraid they will criticise you?
Give them their freedom of speech
If you do that then you are tolerant.

How Tolerant are you?
When you are an opposition leader
And you criticise the government's good policies,
What do you gain from it?
To make the government in power unpopular?
Remember you are not being Tolerance
And when you are in power the same will be done to you.

How Tolerant are you?
When there is always war in your house.
Because you do not want your child to join the religious group he or she wants
Why don't you want to allow him or her to join the religion he or she wants?
We all have freedom of worship
That is why you chose to become a Christian or a Muslim
Tolerate children who want to go to other religious groups different from yours.
Give them a chance and let peace reign in your home.

How tolerant are you if you worship sports?
When sports is just for entertainment! Because sports is worshipped so much,
People have lost their lives to it.
It was because of you that sports was made
Not because of sports that you were made
So enjoy sports Don't worship it.
So be a good loser and a modest winner!
Why is it that when a woman become an Executive Officer or has a high post,
The men in the system try to pull her down
How Tolerant are you if you cannot accept a woman being head over you?
Lets sow Tolerance in the sail of Democracy and Human Rights
And grow trees of Patience that Bear fruit of PEACE AND HARMONY.