Kuwait National English School, Kuwait

Poem "Tolerance"
Год создания: 2001


Fights and fights,
Blood that lies,
Crying with anger,
You are in danger.

Tolerance is a good word,
Tolerance should be spread around the world,
Be united with other countries,

Arrow and a spear,
Death that makes us fear,
Swords and knives,
Just look at their wives.

Army and war,
It's not a game at all,
Think about how far,
And look at the men who crawl.

Peace may take place,
Just look at this face,
One is smiling,
The other is crying,
But tolerance would be best,
It would be the ultimate test,

For people to respect each other,
We are all from one father,
We must set the world free
And put tolerance on our tree.