Kuwait National English School, Kuwait

Poem "What is tolerance?"
Год создания: 2001

What is tolerance?

Some people love to make a fight,
And that is a real fright,
There should not be any harm,
See these children playing in a farm.
Countries must co-operate,
To make our lives great and great,
What does war do,
Make peoples heart blue.

What do we get from people dying,
We are all from one father,
We must always bother,
Because they are all my brother.

Why do you think people cry,
Their eyes then become dry,
They then go pray and pray,
Wishing to have another day.

What if there was tolerance between us,
We can stop making that fuss,
We can stop making people cross,
And no one should make himself the boss.

What if we add peace,
We would have more nephews and niece,
And if we join those together,
We would be happy forever.

This is what we really need,
Before any body start to bleed.
This is what we really get,
Happiness and joy indeed.